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Bosch Robot Lawn Mower

Bosch manufacturer of robot mowers

The Bosch brand is well-known to everyone. The company has made a name for itself not only with household appliances, mainly in the kitchen sector, but also for its large range of electric tools such as cordless screwdrivers, drills, saws and more, which are known worldwide. And now, Bosch has also added robot mowers to its product range, which we have taken a closer look at. Unfortunately, currently, the Bosch lawn robots are only available in the UK.

Bosch has also been servicing the gardening equipment sector for quite some time, although it’s not as traditional as their other products. There is also a large range of products, including electric, battery-powered, or petrol lawnmowers. For those who don’t feel like mowing the lawn themselves, Bosch also has a range of robot mowers available that work according to the Bosch proprietary LogiCut principle. We will provide you with a detailed overview of the various models. The Indego S+ 400 made it to the top of the test by the German “Stiftung Warentest” in 2020.

» Overview of all Bosch robot mowers*

Top 3: The best Bosch robotic lawn mowers 2024 for Great Britain

Bosch Indego XS 300 Mähroboter Bosch Indego S+ 350 Testsieger Comparison Winner Bosch Indego M700
Model Bosch Indego XS 300Bosch Indego S+ 350/ S+ 400Bosch Indego M 700/ M+ 700

528,00 £

incl. VAT

699,00 £

incl. VAT

769,00 £

incl. VAT
Max. Mowing Area0.07 ac (300 m²)0.10 ac (400 m²)0.17 ac (700 m²)
Maximum Slope27%27%27%
Battery Life45min45min75min
Tilt/Shock Sensor
Rain Sensor

528,00 £

incl. VAT

699,00 £

incl. VAT

769,00 £

incl. VAT
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Is there an official Bosch robot mower review?

Bosch Indego S+ 350 - Winner of 2020 TestsYes, there is an official Bosch robot mower test or review in which various robotic lawn mowers from Bosch are examined. In the case of Bosch, there have already been several official investigations by the German non-profit consumer organisation ‘”Stiftung Warentest”.

The Bosch Indego S+ 400 model was tested in the robot mower test 04/2020 and was the winner at that time. It is identical to the Indego S+ 350 model and one of the bestsellers in the robot lawn mower category. It is well suited for small lawns and could mainly convince with its good cutting results and the Bosch proprietary LogiCut mowing principle, which processes the lawn in fixed lanes. The app control was also convincing and very intuitive, according to German “Stiftung Warentest”. In terms of safety, it scored a sufficient result, but there is room for improvement. However, this was the case with all the models tested. The Indego S+ 400 is designed for gardens up to 400 m², can cope with a rather low slope of up to 27%, and can be controlled via app.

In the robot mower test 04/2022, the successor model Bosch Indego S+ 500 was then tested. In this case, it landed in the lower midfield, as it quickly became clogged with grass residue when mowing wet or damp grass. Most robot mowers have a rain sensor that interrupts work when it starts to rain, so this does not happen as quickly. So, with the Bosch Indego S+ 500, one must leave the robot lawn mower standing for a bit longer after a shower of rain, until the lawn has dried again. The Bosch Indego S+ 500 was also slower in terms of the weekly hours needed to mow a 200 m² garden, compared to other models. The handling still received a good rating, and programming via the app worked perfectly.

Bosch Indego S+ 500 under review

Overview of Bosch Robotic Lawn Mowers

Unsurprisingly, the Indego S+ 350 is the best-selling robot lawn mower from Bosch on Amazon. Currently, it is the cheapest model from Bosch, but the street price has already dropped significantly, making the entry into automatic lawn care with Bosch much more affordable.

The Indego S+ 350 Connect, which also belongs to the Indego 350 family, is slightly pricier but comes with additional smart functions, at least according to the manufacturer’s recommended retail price. We will explain what these smart functions are and the differences between the two best-selling models below. We will also introduce all the other Bosch Indego robot mowers currently available on the market.

All Bosch robot mowers until 2024 available in the United Kingdom:

Table: Comparison of current Bosch robotic mowers in the UK

Bosch Indego XS 300Bosch Indego S 500Bosch Indego S+ 500Bosch Indego M 700Bosch Indego M+ 700
ModelIndego XS 300Indego S 500Indego S+ 500Indego M 700Indego M+ 700
max. Area300 sqm500 sqm500 sqm700 sqm700 sqm
max. Slope27 %27 %27 %27 %27 %
Cutting Width19 cm19 cm19 cm19 cm19 cm
Cutting Height30-50 mm30-50 mm30-50 mm30-50 mm30-50 mm
Battery Runtime45 min60 min60 min75 min75 min
Voice ControlNoNoYesNoYes
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Unique selling point: The LogiCut system

Bosch LogiCut Robotic Lawn Mower Navigation System

Bosch LogiCut Navigation – Source: © Bosch GmbH

Although the selection at Bosch is relatively limited compared to competitors like Gardena, the company offers the right robot mower for many gardens. The models can stand out primarily due to the LogiCut system.

This is a crucial feature that sets Bosch robot lawn mowers apart from others. Instead of randomly driving around the garden and changing direction when encountering obstacles, as most other competitors do, the Bosch robotic lawn mowers with LogiCut work systematically.

This means that the lawn helpers navigate the garden in a systematic and organized manner. This is more efficient and faster than the chaos principle, and can also lead to better mowing results. According to a test with the Bosch lawn mower simulation tool using the EGMF performance standard, the LogiCut system is at least 70 percent faster than random navigation. However, it also results in visible striping, which can remind one of a football field during TV broadcasts.

The Bosch Robotic Lawn Mowers Compared

All Bosch robot mowers are called Indego, followed by a letter and a number. Based on these two, the models can be divided into different classes. In the following order, we will introduce you to each of the devices.

Bosch Indego 350 and Indego 400

The Bosch Indego 400 Connect robotic lawn mower

These two robot mowers are the entry-level models from Bosch, and they are somewhat older models. As small as the price difference is, the differences between the two variants are also minimal.

The Indego 350 is, as the name suggests, suitable for up to 350 m² lawns. The Indego 400 can handle up to 400 m² of lawn, which is only 50 m² more. So, the differences here are hardly significant and only provide minimal differentiation. This is not surprising because ultimately, they are the same robot mower, and only the delivery contents differ slightly. More on that below.

Since there are no differences in the robot itself, we will not differentiate between the Bosch Indego 350 and Indego 400 offers further. The most important feature is the LogiCut function mentioned above, which we have already discussed. In addition to the systematic approach, the robot mower can mow multiple areas simultaneously thanks to its MultiArea Memory function for lawn areas, and it can automatically calculate a customized mowing schedule with the AUTO-Calendar Function. This way, it autonomously mows at the best time for your lawn.

Alternatively, it can be controlled through the intuitive display on the device’s top. Navigation across lawns involves not only the perimeter wire that needs to be installed beforehand, but also various sensors. For example, a collision sensor is installed in the front to detect obstacles.

The MultiArea Memory function allows the lawn mower to mow multiple areas of the garden

MultiArea Memory-Function – Source: © Bosch GmbH

The SpotMow function is also interesting, which not all robot mowers on the market offer. It works similarly to the Spot Cleaning function on vacuum cleaners and is used to trim narrow areas, such as under garden chairs or trampolines. It mows with a cutting width of 19 cm, and the cutting height can be adjusted in three stages between 30 and 50 mm. Other manufacturers offer more options for selecting the desired lawn height. It can mow in almost any weather, including rain. Thanks to the mulching function, only very short pieces of grass blades are cut off and remain as fertilizer on the lawn.

A 18 V Bosch lithium-ion battery powers the cutting unit and the robot’s propulsion (at a speed of 40 cm per second). When the battery runs out after a maximum of 45 minutes of use, it automatically returns to the charging station. There it stays for 45 minutes to recharge before continuing its work.

Bosch Indego 400

The robot lawn mower can handle slopes up to 27%, which is a good value. The safety systems include a blade stop when lifting the robot, a PIN entry, and an alarm system for theft protection. If an Indego is removed from its designated mowing area, it automatically locks itself and becomes unusable for thieves. This applies to all models we present here.

Now let’s get to the crucial point that distinguishes the Bosch Indego 350 from the Indego 400: the delivery contents. While the 350 model comes with only 100 m of perimeter wire and 140 corresponding fixing clips, the Indego 400 comes with 125 m of wire and 180 clips. This is necessary to limit the 50 m² difference in the recommended maximum area.

Other than that, there are no further differences. Both come with a charging station including screws with an Allen key for fixing, a power supply unit, and two cable connectors. We will discuss optional accessories for the Bosch Indego 350 and Indego 400 in more detail below.

Bosch Indego S+ 350 and S+ 400

Bosch Indego S+ 350 robotic lawn mowerThese Indego models are, in a way, the S+ class of the entry-level models previously presented and replace the former Indego 350 Connect and Indego 400 Connect models. The primary difference is also the suitability for the corresponding lawn sizes. The classification for these models is again derived from the name and identical to the S+-less comparison models. The Indego S+ 350 is intended for areas up to 350 m², and the Indego S+ 400 can easily handle up to 400 m².

The other functions of the previously introduced models are also present in these two. These include the LogiCut and SpotMow functions. Smart features are also present, which allow the robot mowers to be controlled with a smartphone. These are also what distinguish the Bosch Indego S+ 350 and S+ 400 models from the S+-fewer models.

Thanks to the Connect function, the robotic mower is online. Upon request, it can be controlled through the Bosch Smart Gardening app, for example, to send it to work. Recently, voice control via Amazon Alexa has also become possible. Alexa and the automation platform IFTTT can also connect to various smart home partners, integrating Bosch’s lawn mower robot into an entire smart home system. This can prevent the robotic mower from mowing at the same time as smart garden irrigation is watering the lawn.

Comparison Winner Bosch Indego S+ 350/ S+ 400

699,00 £

incl. VAT
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But the app allows for even more functions. Besides operation, you can check the status of your Indego on a map, and receive warning messages on your phone’s display if your Bosch Indego robotic mower encounters a problem and needs your help. The SmartMowing function is also exciting. It is a further development of the AUTO-Calendar Function mentioned above and calculates the ideal mowing time based on garden size, personal preferences, and local weather forecasts. Software updates are also possible now.

In addition, you can change user, mower, and safety settings as required, receive answers to frequently asked questions, and order accessories for your Bosch robotic mower through the app. The Bosch Smart Gardening app is available for the two leading smartphone operating systems, iOS and Android. This means you can install the app on an iPhone, iPad, or any smartphone or tablet running Google’s Android.

Bosch Indego M 700 and Indego M+ 700

Bosch Robot Mower Indego M 700Slightly higher in class than the four Bosch lawn mowing robots presented above is the Bosch Indego M 700, which also comes as a smart model, the Indego M+ 700. If you like, it is the current top model in Bosch’s stable.

The Bosch Indego M 700 and the Indego M+ 700 are designed for lawn areas up to 700 m², making them suitable for medium-sized gardens. The equipment of the two models is more or less identical to the 350 and 400 models, with and without a “+” in the name. Thus, the M 700 also features the LogiCut function, the AUTO-Calendar Function, and SpotMow, among others.

Despite the larger surface area, the cutting width remains 19 cm. The MultiArea function is also exciting, making this robotic mower, according to the manufacturer, suitable for any conceivable combination of garden areas, including additional lawn areas. But the others are also capable of handling multiple areas, so this is not a unique feature.

Bosch Indego M 700/ M+ 700

769,00 £

incl. VAT
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The same applies to the Indego M+ 700, the connected model. It also reveals the same features, such as app connectivity, smart home functions, and more. The only differences in the package are the boundary wire of 175 m and the number of fastening hooks (240 pieces) adjusted for larger areas.

The only really noticeable difference between the M models and the smaller variants is the battery size. Thanks to this fact, a battery life of up to 75 minutes is possible, which is definitely better for larger surfaces. However, this also means that the charging time increases to 60 minutes.

What accessories are available for the Bosch Indego?

In addition to the robot mowers themselves, Bosch naturally offers a range of optional accessories that can be purchased separately. It goes without saying that this includes perimeter wire, as well as additional fixing hooks and cable connectors, as this is standard practice and offered by all manufacturers. The same goes for replacement blades, as these become dull over time and need to be replaced.

Let’s move on to the more exciting accessories. This includes a single charging station, which can be installed in addition to the existing one if you have multiple lawn areas, making the mower more versatile. To protect the robot lawn mower when not in use, which is most of the time during the summer, Bosch offers a garage designed to fit the Indego models. And for storage during the winter months, there is an optional storage cover.

Another unique and exciting accessory is the colourful interchangeable covers. They allow you to dress up your Indego robotic lawn mower in your favourite colour. Simply remove the upper cover provided with the mower when you purchased it and replace it with a new one.

The covers are available in a variety of colours including blue, dark grey, fuchsia, yellow/green, orange/yellow, and white. This way, you can let your robot mower roam around your garden in your favourite colour. The interchangeable covers are suitable for the following models: Indego 350, Indego 400, Indego 350 Connect, Indego 400 Connect, Indego S+ 350, Indego S+ 400, Indego M 700 and Indego M+ 700.

Overview of Bosch Indego accessories

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Our conclusion on Bosch robotic lawn mowers

Undoubtedly, the flagship feature of the Bosch Indego robot mowers is the LogiCut system, which we have already mentioned earlier. Otherwise, the devices offer a fairly average range of functions, which most competitors also offer.

It is noticeable that Bosch currently focuses its current range on smaller gardens. Four of the six models are designed for a maximum of 400 m², with the top model covering “just” 700 m². Bosch currently does not offer a suitable robot lawn mower for big gardens. In the past, there were models such as the Bosch Indego 1000 for gardens up to 1,000 m², which also had a Connect model. However, these are still waiting for an update, which their smaller colleagues have already received.

As a result, customers with larger gardens are currently excluded, although they may not be so numerous, and may find what they are looking for with manufacturers such as Gardena and Husqvarna, who we also present in more detail with their robot mower offerings. However, Bosch does offer some fascinating robot lawn mowers for smaller gardens.

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Video: Bosch robot mower test – lawn mower robots for small gardens

Quick overview of all Bosch robot lawn mowers

Here is a quick overview of all Bosch robot lawn mowers that we cover on this website – compare the different Bosch Indego models now:

New Model Bosch Indego S 500

635,66 £

incl. VAT
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Bosch Indego XS 300

528,00 £

incl. VAT
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Bosch Indego M 700/ M+ 700

769,00 £

incl. VAT
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Bosch Indego 350/ 400

627,96 £

incl. VAT
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Comparison Winner Bosch Indego S+ 350/ S+ 400

699,00 £

incl. VAT
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Bosch Indego 400