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Airseekers Tron: Works Wire-Free And With Enhanced Mulching

Airseekers Tron AI Robot Mower Without Perimeter WireSoon to kick off is the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the Airseekers Tron robot lawn mower, set to officially launch in June 2024. The Tron operates wire-free and primarily relies on visual data from its six cameras. For gardens spanning around 0.25 ac (1000 m²), the manufacturer recommends an optional RTK system. In this configuration, the Airseekers Tron Max is suitable for areas up to 6000 m². The system isn’t necessary for smaller gardens, reducing the purchase price significantly. However, the highlight of the Airseekers Tron lies in its innovative mulching function, a first in the robotic mower market. 

The cordless Tron mower from the burgeoning Chinese startup, Airseekers Robotics, bears some resemblance to the EcoFlow Blade, featuring omnidirectional front wheels. However, the Tron’s wheels are angled at 30°, aiming to improve maneuverability and traction. Its all-wheel drive allows it to navigate through rough terrain with ease.

The optional RTK system enhances the price-performance ratio for smaller gardens. Notably, the Tron boasts the novel FlowCut cutting system, promising superior mulching of grass clippings.

Airseekers Tron (Max) Kickstarter Campaign Launch April 9th

The Kickstarter campaign for the Airseekers Tron will launch on Tuesday, April 9th (EST 10:00 AM /  GMT 03:00 PM / CEST 04:00 PM / AEDT 01:00 AM). The discounted prices, offering a 48% savings compared to the later market price, will be available in limited quantities.

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Airsekers Tron Kickstarter Campaign

The Airseekers Tron Kickstarter campaign launches on April 9th at EST 10:00 AM.

Recently, Airseekers also announced an optionally available, large blade disc, with which the Tron can increase its cutting width from 8,7 in (22 cm) to 13 in (33 cm). The FlowCut system with improved mulching function will then be replaced by the large blade disc. Equipped with this, it will achieve higher mowing efficiency and is expected to cover up to 0,1 ac/h (400 m²) per hour.

After the Kickstarter campaign, the RTK station will be offered as a separate module, allowing users to upgrade the Tron to the Tron Max if needed. Additionally, operating multiple RTK stations for better coverage on large lawn areas should be possible.

FlowCut System: Innovative Mulching Function

Innovative FlowCut Mulching Function of Airseekers Tron

Innovative FlowCut Cutting-System

The Tron’s innovative FlowCut cutting system, equipped with six blades, garners attention for its unique approach: A fan mounted above the cutting deck initially sucks grass blades upright for a clean cut. Subsequently, the grass clippings remain within the blade area until finely shredded, preventing the fan from re-attracting them.

This method enhances lawn aesthetics by delivering smoother cutting edges and optimizing mulching efficiency. Additionally, it aims to prevent clumping and accumulation of debris beneath the mower, reducing maintenance efforts.

The innovative FlowCut system offers several advantages:

  1. Smoother and more uniform cutting edges
  2. Enhanced mulching capability through finer grass clippings
  3. Leaves and other plant debris are also suctioned and shredded
  4. Prevents clumping and accumulation of clippings on the mower

Who is the Tron robot lawn mower suitable for?

The Tron caters to owners of both small and large gardens seeking a cord-free model, offering the flexibility to skip the optional RTK system for smaller yards and reducing the upfront cost. Whether the Tron falls into the price range of the new Navimow i-Series remains to be seen.

The Tron Max can cover multiple mowing areas totaling approximately 1.5 ac (6000 m²). The Tron without the RTK system can handle up to 0.25 ac (1000 m²). With its specialized front wheels and all-wheel drive, it can tackle slopes up to 65% (33°). Mowing occurs in straight paths, with automatic directional changes. The battery provides around 3 hours of mowing time on a single charge. An interesting feature is the interchangeable battery. This allows users to extend the continuous operating time by using an additional battery.

Tron Robot Lawn Mower by Airseekers RoboticsVoice control is supported via Alexa and Google Home. Additionally, the Tron can be integrated into one’s own smart home using MQTT and a local API. Furthermore, a guardian function is built-in, which is intended to monitor the garden. The Tron can also mow lawn patterns, similar to those made by the Mammotion Yuka. With the optionally available striping kit, a type of lawn roller attached to the rear of the Tron, particularly large and visible stripes will be left on the lawn – similar to those seen in a football stadium.

Although it offers an edge mowing function, a safety buffer of approximately 15 cm is maintained around obstacles like trees or shrubs. It remains to be seen if users can adjust this setting, akin to the “RideOn”-feature in the Navimow i, to ensure minimal missed spots.

How does navigation and obstacle detection work?

5-fold AI Camera of Airseekers Tron

6-fold AI Camera-System

Navigation primarily relies on a camera system comprising six individual cameras positioned around the mower, offering a complete 360° view of its surroundings. This data not only aid navigation but also facilitates obstacle detection, analyzed by an AI.

A Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor supplements obstacle detection for close-range scenarios. Neither a local radio system nor a LiDAR system, as seen in the Goat G1, is included. A bumper-mounted collision sensor at the front serves as a third layer of protection.

For larger gardens, purchasers can opt for the optional RTK system, typical in this mower class, aiding navigation and complementing the camera system.

The technical data of the Airseekers Tron at a glance

Airseekers Tron Wire-Free Robotic MowerBelow, we have listed the Tron specs known so far. The continuously updated data can be found in our comprehensive comparison table of robotic mowers without perimeter wires.

Key Specifications of the Airseekers Tron:

  • Availability: Starting June 2024, with a Kickstarter-campaign beginning 9th April 2024 (EST 10:00 AM / GMT 03:00 PM / CEST 04:00 PM / AEDT 01:00 AM)
  • Variants: Two versions (Tron and Tron Max with RTK-System)
  • Accessories: Optional RTK-system (recommended for lawn areas above 0.25 ac / 1,000 m²), big Cutting Disc, Stripes-Kit, RTK-Solarpanel, additional Battery
  • Price: $1,299 (Kickstarter) and $2,499 (MSRP) for Tron and $1,399 (Kickstarter) and $2,699 (MSRP) for Tron Max
  • Maximum Area: 0.25 ac / 1,000 m² (Tron) or 1.5 ac / 6,000 m² (Tron Max), multiple mowing areas and exclusion zones possible
  • Maximum Slope: 65% (33°)
  • Cutting Width: 8,7 in (22 cm) or 13 in (33 cm) with big cutting disc
  • Cutting Height: 1.2-3.5 in / 30-90 mm
  • Mowing Efficiency: 0.06 ac/h (250 m²/h) or 0,1 ac/h (400 m²/h) with big cutting disc
  • Mowing Duration: 3 hours per Charge, battery interchangeable
  • Mowing Principle: Straight lines with automatic direction change
  • Drive Type: All-wheel drive (AWD) with 30° omnidirectional front wheels
  • Obstacle Avoidance: 6x AI camera with 360° field of view, ToF sensor
  • Additional Functions: Anti-Theft protection, FlowCut system, Edge mowing function, automatic schedule, Guardian function, Lawn patterns, voice control
  • Connectivity: 4G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth
  • Protection Class: IPX6 (protection against strong jets of water)
  • Operating Noise Level: 65 dB
  • Dimensions: Approx. 73 x 48 x 34 cm

Prices and Availability of the Airseekers Robotic Mower Tron One

The Airseekers lawn robot Tron One will be offered at a special price of $1,299 (48% savings) through a Kickstarter campaign starting from April 2024. The Tron Max version, including the RTK station, will be priced at $1,399. The Tron will be delivered after the campaign. From June 2024, the Tron will be available in retail stores at the regular price of $2,499, and the Tron Max at $2,699. Airseekers aimed to achieve a significantly better value proposition and be more affordable than comparable models by not including the optional RTK system. However, the difference in this price range is not significant. Nevertheless, when comparing devices with this area coverage, the Tron remains considerably cheaper than, for example, the Luba 2 5000 or the LFI Novabot N2000.

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