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Garden Robots: Autonomous All-Purpose Yard Robots About to Hit the Market

Prototype of the Verdie garden robot

While autonomous lawn mowers are becoming increasingly common and slowly transitioning into the standard in the realm of smart lawn care, more and more robots are appearing on the horizon that can do much more than just mow the lawn. The new class of garden robots can perform various tasks in and around the garden. But what initially seems like a concept with a lot of wishful thinking is not so far from reality. Some […]

Mammotion Yuka 3D Vision Robot Mower: Kickstarter Campaign Launched

Mammotion Yuka 3D Vision Robot Lawn Mower

The relatively young company Mammotion is setting a high pace in developing new models. Founded in Hong Kong in 2022, Mammotion introduced its first product line, Luba, in the middle of the same year. We’ve already put this model to the test in our Mammotion Luba review. Now, the successor, Luba 2, is available for pre-order, with deliveries expected to start in mid-February 2024. Additionally, the Kickstarter campaign* for the recently unveiled Mammotion Yuka with […]

Mammotion Luba Review: Our Experience with the RTK Robot Mower Luba AWD 3000 by Mammotion

Mammotion Luba Robot Mower Front

The Mammotion Luba, with its striking design reminiscent of a Formula 1 car, has been on the market since 2023 and falls into the category of RTK robot mowers. It operates without a perimeter wire, using GPS navigation for positioning. But how does it perform in practice? Is it recommendable? In our test, we’ll reveal whether it can truly be your new garden assistant. The Mammotion brand is new to the market. For this test, […]

Robot Mowers and Hedgehogs: How to Protect Them from Danger?

Robot Mowers and Hedgehogs

The issue of robot mowers and hedgehogs often ends tragically. When not used properly, robot lawn mowers pose a danger to hedgehogs, and fatal accidents and serious injuries are almost commonplace. Robotic mowers are increasingly being referred to as “hedgehog killers,” which we think is somewhat overly dramatic, since the responsibility still lies with their owners. However, animal welfare advocates rightly warn of the dangers and seek to educate people on how to protect hedgehogs. […]

Navimow Robotic Mower: Segway presents new Robot Lawn Mower

Navimow Robot Lawn Mower

Segway is a well-known company, as it offers an innovative two-wheeled means of transportation under the same name. Now, the manufacturer is venturing into new territory with a robotic mower and tackling a well-known problem: the installation of the boundary wire. The company aims to establish a new generation of smart lawn mowers as an outsider that differs significantly from current models. The Navimow is a new robotic lawn mower from Segway that, unlike most […]

Robot Mower Buying Guide – What Factors are Crucial?

Robot Lawn Mower Test

Robot mowers are undoubtedly a real help for any gardener with a medium to large lawn area. Accordingly, the purchase can be expensive. But are there also affordable alternatives? Before making a purchase, it’s important to know exactly what the robot mower can offer and what size of lawn it is suitable for so that you are fully satisfied with its performance for many years to come. Are you looking to buy a robot mower? […]

Robot Mower Installation & Service

Robot Mower Installation

How do you properly install a robot mower? We provide answers and have prepared a step-by-step guide. So, you’ve purchased a lawn robot from Bosch, Worx, Gardena, Husqvarna, or other brands, but you’re having trouble understanding the manufacturer’s instructions? Not a problem! Here, we explain to you step-by-step how to install a robot mower. Additionally, we answer frequently asked questions and provide information on the costs of professional setup or installation services by a robot […]

Robot Lawn Mower Without Perimeter Wire

ECOVACS Goat G1 Robot Lawn Mower Without Perimeter Wire

While the idea of a robotic lawn mower without perimeter wire may sound tempting, is it worth it? How practical is it? We’ll show you the pros and cons of robotic mowers without an induction loop, highlight popular models, and provide key information on the topic. In our comparison of robotic mowers, many of the models still require a perimeter wire, but that’s gradually changing. Here, you’ll find all the robotic mowers that don’t require […]

GPS Lawn Mower Robot

Robot Mowers with GPS

If you’ve been researching robot mowers, you’ve likely come across the topic of GPS sooner or later. Most robot mowers on the market do not have a GPS module on board. This is largely because a GPS module is not necessary to reliably perform the mowing task. A robot mower without GPS can mow just as well and reliably. So, why would you need a GPS lawn mower robot? We’ll explore this question shortly. How […]