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Yarbo Garden Robot: Official EU Launch of the Modular All-Rounder Announced

Yarbo M1 Robot Lawn Mower

Yarbo has announced the official market launch of its modular garden robot in Germany and Europe. Sales will start in the second half of 2024, but you can already place orders now. Early birds can snag significant discounts of over 30%, available only to the first 1,500 customers, so it pays to act fast! You can see Yarbo in action at the Garden and BBQ fair spoga+gafa in Cologne from June 16 to 18, where various modules, including the M1 robot lawn mower module, will be on display.

If you want to get a closer look at Yarbo and its different modules, visit the company in Hall 5.1, Stand C040. There, you’ll find the Yarbo Core — the main robot itself — and several of its modules, such as the snow blower, snow plow, lawn mower, leaf blower, and spreader/sprayer. Yarbo, established in 2016, boasts a development timeline much longer than most competitors in this sector.

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What Makes the Yarbo Garden Robot Stand Out?

Yarbo Modules for the Autonomous Garden RobotThe Yarbo Garden Robot is one of the most innovative models on the market. It is the world’s first multi-functional robot designed for over 20 tasks in and around the garden. In addition to mowing the lawn, it can blow leaves, clear snow, and spread fertilizer or salt. Yarbo is built for year-round, autonomous use, featuring a modular design where a core module is enhanced with different attachments for various tasks.

The core module, Yarbo Core, is packed with advanced technology. It uses RTK technology—a GPS extension with centimeter-level accuracy—for navigation. The robot is also equipped with binocular cameras on the front and additional cameras on the sides, allowing it to operate without perimeter wires while ensuring precise and safe movement.

Beyond the numerous modules that attach to the front of the Yarbo robot, a hitch on the back adds even more functionality. With its 200-watt track drive, Yarbo can tow loads up to 1.5 tons, making it easy to pull a small trailer or leaf sweeper.

Who Is the Yarbo Robot Lawn Mowing For?

Yarbo M1 Robot Mower with Edge Cutter and Trimmer Module

The Edge Cutter and Trimmer Module of the Yarbo Robot Lawn Mower

The Yarbo mowing robot currently leads the market with the highest area performance for consumer models. It can handle challenging lawns up to 6.2 acres (25,000 m²) and can mow up to 2 acres (8,000 m²) in a single day. This performance is typically found only in large-scale commercial mowers. The Kress KR236E is similarly capable, but significantly pricier and lacks modularity. An additional edge cutter and trimmer can be attached to the sides of the mower module, addressing the common issue of incomplete edge trimming in robotic mowers.

With the snow blower module, Yarbo can autonomously clear snow up to 12 inches (30 cm) high from designated areas. Additional cameras in this module enhance obstacle detection and operational precision. Yarbo is controlled via a convenient app or a dedicated joystick.

Conclusion: The New Generation of Modular Garden Robots Has Arrived

Yarbo introduces a new generation of modular garden and everyday robots that can do much more than just mow the lawn. Yarbo aims to autonomously handle over 20 different garden tasks, reducing long-term maintenance and upkeep costs for property owners.

Given the high initial investment, Yarbo guarantees that its modules will be compatible with the core robot for at least five years, with continuous development and updates to add improvements and new features. The Yarbo team appears very professional, frequently sharing insights into the development of new modules and conducting public Q&A sessions on social media. Yarbo plans to release more information about pricing and availability in the coming weeks.

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