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Lymow Robot Lawn Mower with Track Drive: New Model Coming Soon on Kickstarter

Lymow Robot Lawn Mower with Track Drive

The Lymow robot lawn mower is entering the scene as a new wire-free robot mower. The previously lesser-known Lymow One TK 1800 was showcased at CES 2024 in January and has been continuously developed since then. Now, after a long pause, a new version with a modified mowing deck has been unveiled, which will be offered on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in July. With its track drive and powerful mowing mechanism, the Lymow robotic lawn mower is ideal for large and rugged terrains.

The technical details on the manufacturer’s website are likely not final but are already impressive. Initially designed as a sickle mower with scissor blades, the mowing mechanism was changed after testing revealed vulnerabilities. Now, the Lymow robot lawn mower features a traditional rotary blade system, similar to conventional lawn mowers. This design handles tall and dense grass well and creates a suction effect that aids in mulching.

What Makes the Lymow One Stand Out?

Lymow One TK 1800 - Robotic Lawn Mower for Large Areas

The Foldable Mowing Deck Sets the Lymow Apart

At first glance, the design of the Lymow robot mower stands out significantly from other models on the market. With its track drive, a feature currently only seen in consumer markets with Yarbo, it boasts excellent off-road capability. Lymow assures that the model will not pivot on the spot, preventing lawn damage, an important aspect considering its powerful drive.

Another notable feature is its aluminum housing, crafted from a single piece through die-casting, promising high durability and resilience.

The Lymow model uses a combination of RTK technology and VSLAM. GPS-RTK data is integrated with binocular camera data to ensure improved and reliable navigation. Additionally, the cameras, along with ultrasonic sensors and a bumper, enhance operational safety and advanced obstacle avoidance.

Who Is the Lymow Robot Lawn Mower For?

Rotary Blade System of the Lymow Robot Lawn Mower

A rotary blade system is uncommon in the market

The Lymow robot lawn mower is primarily designed for large areas with steep inclines. It will lead the market with a maximum gradient capability of 100% (45°), surpassing the Luba 2, which can handle up to 80% inclines. The comparable Yarbo model, due to its weight, can only manage up to 70% (35°) inclines. The 300-watt drive easily navigates small obstacles by lifting the mowing deck to prevent damage.

According to the current website information, the Lymow robotic lawn mower can mow about 800 m² per hour, suitable for a total area of up to 1,700 m². However, it is also being tested on significantly larger areas. Initial claims suggested a coverage area of up to 8,000 m², but these figures vary greatly between manufacturers and lack standardized parameters for precise area performance measurement. Ultimately, user data or beta tester reports will provide clarity. Customer preferences will also play a key role in determining the suitable area size.

Lymow Tech plans to use a 540 Wh LiFePo4 battery, known for its longer lifespan compared to standard Li-Ion batteries, though it is heavier and pricier. The charging time is expected to be 4 hours, with a subsequent 2-hour mowing time. The mower is protected against water and dust according to the IPX6 standard, and it weighs around 27 kg.

Conclusion: Lymow Sets a New Standard for Large and Steep Gardens

In our view, the Lymow robot lawn mower sets a new standard for large-area mowers. The high-quality aluminum housing and robust track drive capable of handling steep inclines up to 100% (45°) are particularly impressive. Combined with RTK and camera navigation and obstacle avoidance, it offers an advanced and durable solution for demanding terrains.

The mower will initially be available through a Kickstarter campaign starting in July. The team has been professional and accommodating in initial contacts. We are eager to take a closer look at the Lymow robotic mower soon.

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