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Robot Mower Manufacturers

Worx Landroid S WR130E Robot MowerAs you may have learned from many of our posts or reports, there are several robot mower manufacturers in the market. For many customers, it can be challenging to identify a manufacturer that suits their needs, as each manufacturer comes with its advantages, disadvantages, and unique “character”.

Therefore, it’s important to get an overview of each manufacturer to make the right decision in the end. Ultimately, it’s often not just the models that are purchased, but a conscious choice is made for a reputable brand manufacturer. This is because certain characteristics, as well as flaws or positive aspects, can be found across their entire product range. For example, Robomow may excel in edge cutting with its housing, Husqvarna may have outstanding app-based remote control, Gardena may be known for user-friendliness, and Worx for reliable software.

To make it easier for you to keep track, we would like to provide you with a brief overview of all robot mower manufacturers here and introduce them briefly on their respective manufacturer subpages via the links provided.

Overview of the Best Robot Mower Manufacturers 2024:


Bosch – Manufacturer of Robot Lawn MowersBosch is widely known as a brand for household appliances, especially in the kitchen sector. In addition, Bosch has established itself as a reliable manufacturer in the DIY sector. However, Bosch has also entered the market of garden tools in recent times. Bosch provides a complete range of lawn mowers, including electric, petrol, battery-powered, and robot mowers.

This makes Bosch an all-rounder when it comes to lawn care. Bosch is the only manufacturer that does not rely on random mowing patterns for its robot mowers, but instead uses an organized system called LogiCut. This may polarize opinions, as it has both advertised advantages and disadvantages that not everyone may be aware of. To provide clarity, you can check our Bosch manufacturer review:

Bosch Robot Mowers



Gardena – Manufacturer of Robot Lawn MowersGardena has made a name for itself, especially in garden tools. From pruning shears to axes to all kinds of lawnmowers, you can purchase quality branded products from Gardena. The fact that Gardena belongs to Husqvarna leaves no doubt that these are high-quality and durable products. When it comes to robot mowers, Gardena stands out with an excellent price-performance ratio.

As one of the three manufacturers, Gardena offers models that can mow even in the rain without a noticeable loss in lawn quality. The fact that these products are not just hot air is evident not only from the reviews on Amazon – Gardena robot mowers, such as the Gardena R70Li, also have bestseller status. You can find more information about Gardena models and their advantages and disadvantages in our Gardena manufacturer review:

Gardena Robot Mowers



Husqvarna – Manufacturer of Robot Lawn Mowers

The Swedish manufacturer Husqvarna is the epitome of excellence when it comes to garden tools. From hedge trimmers to chainsaws to lawnmowers, Husqvarna consistently ranks among the top brands. The same applies to Husqvarna robot mowers. Even our top pick, the Automower 420, comes from Husqvarna. This is where the qualities of Husqvarna shine through. In addition to its ability to handle extremely steep slopes, Husqvarna has been proven in numerous tests to deliver the best mowing results.

Along with highly innovative features such as app control or even GPS navigation in high-end models that can detect where the robot mower hasn’t mowed for a while. Husqvarna robot mowers also excel in terms of sleek and modern design, solid craftsmanship, and user-friendly operation. However, all of this also comes with a price tag. You can find an overview of all models and the pros and cons of Husqvarna robot mowers in our Husqvarna manufacturer review:

Husqvarna Robot Mowers



Robomow – Manufacturer of Robot Lawn Mowers

The manufacturer Robomow not only sounds like a dedicated robot mower manufacturer, but it actually is one. Since its founding in 1995, Robomow has evolved into a true specialist in robot mowers. What sets Robomow apart is its unique edge mowing system. With a cutout in the housing, Robomow models mow the edges much better, reducing the need for additional trimming work.

As our review of the Robomow RC308 shows, Robomow models score points with their innovative app control and useful features such as TurboMow, which allows for mowing of taller grass. Such features are often hard to find with other manufacturers, but that’s what makes Robomow a highly specialized brand.

Of course, Robomow models also have some drawbacks that we will go into more detail in our Robomow manufacturer review:

Robomow Robot Mowers



Wolf-Garten – Manufacturer of Robot Lawn Mowers

The manufacturer WOLF-Garten is the lesser known brand in our robot mower comparison. Originally, a German manufacturer, it is now owned by the US-based garden tools manufacturer MTD, which distributes its products in Germany. WOLF-Garten offers robot mowers in various sizes ranging from 400 to 3000 sqm, covering a wide range of garden sizes – so there’s something for everyone.

This former German manufacturer focuses on quality, which is reflected in the price as well. Even the most affordable model, designed for 400 sqm, comes with a hefty price tag of $1400.

Cool fact: WOLF-Garten uses Robomow’s edge mowing function. That’s why you’ll find the name “Robomow” on the housing of some WOLF-Garten devices. WOLF-Garten robot mowers also rely on Robomow’s app and do not compromise on innovative features.

Find out in our comprehensive WOLF-Garten manufacturer review which models are worth recommending for purchase, and which ones you should avoid!

WOLF-Garten Robot Mowers



Worx – Manufacturer of Robot Lawn Mowers

The garden tools and power tools manufacturer Worx offers very affordable robot mowers that are particularly appealing to customers with smaller lawns. The devices all have a modern design and excel in one particular aspect: ease of use. Worx stands out for the simplicity of their operation, winning over those who are not interested in complicated installations.

Some older models from Worx may still have a few teething problems, but the new models from 2017/2018 demonstrate the manufacturer’s expertise. They offer outstanding value for money and can compete with the big names in the industry.

Worx achieves this not only through innovations, but also by improving existing features and addressing any issues. There are several models that stand out and can easily rival the big names.

Learn more about the range of Worx models in our manufacturer review:

Worx Robot Mowers