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Husqvarna Robot Lawn Mower

Husqvarna robot lawn mower manufacturerSwedish manufacturer Husqvarna is the absolute pioneer when it comes to garden tools. From hedge trimmers and chainsaws to robot lawn mowers, Husqvarna is almost always at the top. The same goes for Husqvarna’s robot mowers. While the models from Gardena, also part of the Swedish Husqvarna group, are more intended for the average customer, the models from the parent company can mainly be found on larger properties. As the worldwide market leader, Husqvarna also offers appropriate robot mowers for professional and commercial use.

Husqvarna mainly offers high-priced robot lawn mowers for professional use and large areas, but also has more affordable models for smaller properties on offer. We will introduce you to the various Husqvarna robot mowers and discuss their characteristics, differences, and suitability.

In addition to highly innovative features such as app control or even GPS control in very high-priced models, which detects where the robot mower has not mowed for a long time, Husqvarna’s robot mowers also score points with their edgy and modern design, good workmanship, and great operation. An overview of all models and the pros and cons of Husqvarna robot mowers can be found in the Husqvarna manufacturer check!

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The best robot lawn mower from Husqvarna for small gardens

For small gardens, Husqvarna offers the Automower 105 robot mower!

The Husqvarna lawn robot 105 rolls over the lawn with only 58 decibels, making it definitely suitable for Sundays! As expected from Husqvarna, the 105 impresses with an excellent cutting result.

2nd Place in Comparison Husqvarna Automower 105

1.926,99 $

incl. VAT
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Overview of Husqvarna’s Automower robot mowers

Robot Lawn Mower Husqvarna Automower 435X AWDHusqvarna, a pioneer in this field that introduced the first robot mower back in 1995, gives all its models the name Automower. The company divides them into three different groups on its website, and we follow the same classification by presenting the models for “normal” private use, then for more demanding private use, and finally for professional use.

By the end, you’ll have an overview of all the currently available Automowers from Husqvarna, which are listed in numerical order.

Table: All Husqvarna Automower robot mowers up to 2024

Model-Namemax. Areamax. SlopeCutting WidthCutting HeightArea/h
Husqvarna Automower 105600 sqm25%17 cm20-50 mm43 sqm
Husqvarna Automower 305600 sqm40%22 cm20-50 mm60 sqm
Husqvarna Automower 310 (Mark II)1.000 sqm40%22 cm20-50 mm60 sqm
Husqvarna Automower 315 (Mark II)1.500 sqm40%22 cm20-50 mm65 sqm
Husqvarna Automower 315X1.600 sqm40%22 cm20-50 mm73 sqm
Husqvarna Automower 405X600 sqm40%22 cm20-50 mm63 sqm
Husqvarna Automower 415X1.500 sqm40%22 cm20-50 mm63 sqm
Husqvarna Automower 4202.200 sqm45%24 cm20-60 mm92 sqm
Husqvarna Automower 430X3.200 sqm45%24 cm20-60 mm133 sqm
Husqvarna Automower 435X AWD3.500 sqm70%22 cm30-70 mm146 sqm
Husqvarna Automower 4404.000 sqm45%24 cm20-60 mm167 sqm
Husqvarna Automower 450X5.000 sqm45%24 cm20-60 mm208 sqm
Husqvarna Automower 5202.200 sqm45%24 cm20-60 mm92 sqm
Husqvarna Automower 535 AWD3.500 sqm70%22 cm30-70 mm146 sqm
Husqvarna Automower 5505.000 sqm45%24 cm20-60 mm208 sqm
Husqvarna Automower 550 EPOS5.000 sqm45%24 cm20-60 mm208 sqm
Husqvarna CEORA 544 EPOS40.000 sqm30%68 cm20-70 mm-
Husqvarna CEORA 546 EPOS50.000 sqm30%68 cm20-70 mm-

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One important note beforehand: Unlike most other manufacturers, Husqvarna does not provide the required installation material in the form of perimeter wire and pegs with its robot mowers. These must be purchased separately (see the accessories section below on this page).

Is there an official Husqvarna robot mower review?

Husqvarna Automower 305 ReviewedYes, there is already an official Husqvarna robot mower test, in which several models from Husqvarna were even examined. In the tests conducted by the German nonprofit consumer organization “Stiftung Warentest”, Husqvarna robot mowers were able to land in first place.

The Husqvarna Automower 105 was tested in the robot mower test 04/2020 by “Stiftung Warentest” and landed in second place. It was able to convince primarily with its good cutting result, even on uneven surfaces. However, without upgrading with a WLAN module, it does not have app control, which is not an obstacle in terms of programming. Therefore, it can also convince in handling. The Automower 105 also handles different mowing zones well, but it is the most expensive model in the test.

Husqvarna Automower 105 robot lawn mowerUnfortunately, the Automower 105 is currently hardly available, which is why we would like to recommend the Husqvarna Automower 305 to you at this point. It was tested in the robot mower test 04/2022 and in this case, became the test winner. It is also designed for gardens up to 600 m², but can handle larger slopes up to 40%. In the test, it impresses with Trouble-Free operation.

The Automower 305 also copes well with more complex areas and damp grass. App control is not necessary for this model, but can be helpful. One of the disadvantages in the robot mower test for this Husqvarna model is clearly the very high purchase price. As with almost all models, there is also room for improvement in terms of safety.

The best Husqvarna robot mowers for areas up to 1500 m²

The Husqvarna Automower robot lawn mower for large areas up to 2500 m²

For large and complex gardens with many passages, slopes, or a lake, we recommend the top-selling Husqvarna robot mower Automower 420. It can handle slopes up to 45% and can even continue mowing in light rain! With innovative passage recognition and spiral cutting, the Husqvarna robotic mower Automower 420 is the right choice for your garden!

The Husqvarna robot mower with GPS for large areas up to 3500 m²

The Husqvarna 430X is your robot lawn mower when you have a large lawn with a complex layout, many inclines, and passageways to manage!

In addition to all conceivable extras such as passage recognition, mowing in the rain, and spiral cutting, the Automower 430X even has GPS on board, which allows it to know where it has already mowed!

Even Automower Connect is on board immediately! This allows you to operate your Husqvarna robot mower with your smartphone, check settings, mowing times, and much more!

The Husqvarna robot mowers compared

Let’s start our journey through the Husqvarna robot mowers – starting with the small and inexpensive models up to the top models that also cover large areas.

Automower: robot mowers for private use

If you’re looking for a robot mower for a “normal” garden, you’ll probably find it in this category.

Husqvarna Automower 105

Robot lawn mower Husqvarna Automower 105Husqvarna starts with the small Automower 105. It is designed for a working area of around 600 m². This already shows that the company primarily focuses on larger gardens. Because other companies such as Gardena still offer smaller robotic mowers as an entry-level.

The smallest Husqvarna robotic mower measures 55 x 39 x 25 cm and mows with three freely oscillating cutting blades mounted on a robust cutting disc, with a cutting width of 17 cm. The cutting height can be set in several stages between 20 and 50 mm mechanically. It can handle inclines up to 25 degrees and along the boundary cable up to 15 degrees. It operates at a sound level of 61 dB(A).

2nd Place in Comparison Husqvarna Automower 105

1.926,99 $

incl. VAT
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During mowing, the Automower 105 follows a free movement pattern, chaotically mowing within the limitations and turning when encountering obstacles. Being weatherproof, it can continue to work even in the rain. When the integrated battery is low, it automatically returns to its charging station. It also supports two different starting points, which is an advantage, especially for intricate lawn areas.

It offers built-in features such as a lift sensor that immediately stops the blade when lifted and a tilt sensor. It is secured against theft with an alarm and a PIN code. Programming is done via the display and 15 buttons on the device.

The smallest and most affordable Husqvarna robot mower does not support smartphone control, and it cannot be retrofitted (like with other models). However, different mowing times can be programmed into it. The entry-level model does not allow intelligent adjustments of the preset times.

Husqvarna Automower 305, 310, and 315

Husqvarna Automower 310 robotic lawn mowerHusqvarna’s middle-class models for private use include the Automower 305, 310, and 315. The Automower 305, like the Automower 105, is designed for lawn areas of about 600 m² but offers more features. The Automower 310 mows up to 1,000 m² and the Automower 305 up to 1,500 m².

Let’s start with what sets these models apart from the 105, apart from the area coverage. Thanks to their cutting width of 22 cm, all three models can mow more lawn at once with their three blades. The cutting height can also be adjusted between 20 and 50 mm using the wheel on the device. They can handle slopes of up to 40 degrees, but only up to 15 degrees along the perimeter wire.

The main feature that stands out among the functions is Automower Connect @ Home, which is supported by all three models. This allows programming and control via smartphone or tablet after installing the Husqvarna app. However, communication is only possible via Bluetooth up to a maximum range of 10 m.

If you want more range, you can use the retrofit module presented below as an option for the 310 and 315 models. Mower robots equipped with Automower Connect can also be integrated into the Gardena smart system smart home system. Voice control with the more widely used and leading voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Home is also possible, as is linking the automation platform with IFTTT. Alternatively, the mower robot can of course also be programmed via the display and buttons on the device.

A major advantage over the 105 is the passage mowing function. This means that the mower robot can be set to move in a systematic mode in narrow passages, rather than randomly. Another plus is the weather timer. With this function, the robot automatically adjusts its mowing times to the lawn growth, so it mows less often in phases of lower growth to protect the lawn and mower. A frost sensor is also installed to prevent mowing at temperatures around freezing and protect the lawn from damage.

The spiral mowing function is also practical. If the cutting disc sensors detect an area with higher grass, the cutting technology automatically switches to a systematic spiral pattern. Additionally, this mode can be used wonderfully under garden furniture, trampolines, and more, so there is no need for manual post-work.

The mower robots Automower 305, 310, and 315 at 59 dB(A) are also a bit quieter and can be easily cleaned with a garden hose after work. They even support three different starting points instead of two. The appearance can be changed with interchangeable covers, too. These are the main differences that speak for the Automower 305, 310, and 315 models – apart from the larger area coverage of up to 1,500 m².

Husqvarna Automower 420 and 440

Husqvarna Automower 420 robotic lawn mowerThe Husqvarna Automower 420 is designed for lawns up to 420 m² in size, while the Automower 440 can handle up to 4,000 m². With their large wheels and rough profile, these robot mowers have particularly good traction, allowing them to handle inclines of up to 45 percent, but only up to 15 percent along the perimeter wire.

There are also some additional features that are missing from the smaller models, which we will specifically address below. All the features of the 3XX models from the previous section are also supported by the 4XX models. These include, among others, Automower Connect @ Home for smartphone control via Bluetooth (Automower Connect can be retrofitted as an option), passage detection with customized mowing, spiral mowing, and the weather timer for mowing times adapted to weather conditions.

In addition, there are several other characteristics and functions that are reserved for only the Automower 420 and Automower 440 in this class. Thanks to the Ultra-Silent Wheel Motor with 58 dB(A), they are even quieter. The cutting height can be selected between 20 and 60 mm, so the grass can be left a little longer if desired. Additionally, the adjustment is done electronically via the main menu or the app, rather than mechanically via a wheel on the device. The cutting width is also slightly larger at 24 cm.

If you use your robot mower in multiple locations, the different mowing profiles with various names make it easy to switch from one property to another. In addition, up to five starting points are possible. There are also two search cables leading to the base, which reduces search time for top models, especially for larger and more complexly shaped gardens. These additional functions, combined with the smaller models’ features and greater coverage, are also reflected in the price.

Automower X-LINE: Robot mowers for demanding private use

The Husqvarna X-Line is designed for all garden owners with more demanding garden designs and higher expectations. In this product class, all robot mowers are equipped with X-Line features as standard, including Automower Connect, GPS anti-theft protection, GPS-assisted navigation, and LED headlights. Below, we will present the different models and their features in detail.

Husqvarna Automower 315X

Husqvarna Automower 430X robot lawn mowerThe Automower 315X is the entry into the premium models of the X-Line. With an area of up to 1,600 m², it is comparable to the previously introduced Automower 315, but it differs by some additional features.

The Automower 315X can handle slopes up to 40 percent or 15 percent along the perimeter wire. Thanks to its rough tires, it also copes well with slippery ground. Three freely swinging knife blades with a working width of 22 cm are used here, just like with the 3XX models without X-Line. However, the cutting height can be adjusted between 20 and 60 mm. In addition, an imbalance control ensures a quiet and Trouble-Free operation. It automatically detects an imbalance in the cutting system caused by missing, double-mounted, or damaged blades.

As with the 3XX models without X-Line, the weather timer is added as additional equipment. This means that the mowing frequency is adapted to the growth of the lawn. But even more exciting are the following advantages. Automower Connect is included as standard. This means that control and adjustment via smartphone are not only possible within Bluetooth range. Alarms and tracking of the position are also possible via the Husqvarna app. All X-Line models can be controlled by voice via Amazon Alexa and Google Home and can be linked to IFTTT and Gardena smart system.

In addition, the Automower 315X is equipped with GPS, which offers several advantages. Firstly, GPS-assisted navigation is possible. This means that the robot mower no longer drives chaotically within the perimeter wire, but the GPS module detects the areas already mowed and adjusts the mowing pattern accordingly. This guarantees a uniform mowing result.

The built-in GPS module also has advantages for safety. In addition to the already existing alarm and PIN code, it also benefits the theft protection. The Automower can be tracked, and the exact GPS position can be determined. This not only helps in case of theft, but also in locating the device on a large property. It is also equipped with LED headlights for better visibility. These flash in case of malfunctions. A rubber front bumper protects against collisions.

Otherwise, the Automower 315X has all the functions of the Automower 3XX models on board. These include automatic passage detection, spiral mowing, three possible starting points, individual mowing time settings, and much more. The price of the Automower 315X is €2,399 (RRP) and is thus at the level of the less well-equipped but larger area-processing Automower 420.

Husqvarna Automower 430X and 450X

Husqvarna Automower 435X AWD high-end robot lawn mower

The two models, Automower 430X and 450X, offer all the features of the previously introduced Automower 315X, as well as some additional improvements and unique features. For example, the Automower 430X is suitable for lawns up to 3,200 square meters, while the Automower 450X is suitable for lawns up to 5,000 square meters. Additionally, they can even overcome slopes of up to 45 degrees in open terrain.

Like the 4XX models without the X, the X-Line models also allow for electronic height adjustment via the main menu instead of manual adjustment. They also support double search loops (see above) and up to five different starting points.

Other features include GPS for navigation and theft protection, Automower Connect with voice control via Alexa and Google Home, LED headlights, imbalance control, spiral mowing, and much more.

Husqvarna Automower 430X AWD

The Automower 435X AWD also belongs to this category. We present it separately because it offers a special feature: all-wheel drive. It is also equipped with a swiveling rear, making it particularly agile. We will discuss both special features in more detail below.

Let’s start with the Automower all-wheel drive. This ensures that the control of each of the four wheels is optimized individually. As a result, the robot mower has particularly good traction and grip, allowing it to climb steep slopes of up to 70 degrees in terrain and 50 degrees along the boundary wire. This makes the Automower 430X AWD the ideal choice for sloped properties and hilly gardens, as no other robot mower we know of can handle such steep slopes.

Another special feature of the AWD models (another one follows further below) is the swiveling rear. This improves the maneuverability of the robot mower, which is a big advantage, especially for complex lawn areas and narrow passageways. Additionally, the rear swiveling part also improves traction in rough terrain.

Another innovation is Automower Access. This is a new operating concept that uses a high-resolution color display, jog wheel, and status indicator instead of many buttons and a monochrome screen. This makes operation of the device significantly easier and more intuitive. Alternatively, the Automower 430X AWD can of course also be controlled via smartphone, as Automower Connect is standard on all X-Line models.

The same applies to the GPS module for navigation and theft protection, as well as the many other features of the model series. These include electronic height adjustment, double search loops, weather timer, and much more.

Robot mowers for professional use (sports fields, golf courses, parks)

In addition to the robot mowers previously introduced for private use, Husqvarna also offers some models for professional use. These include the Automower 520 (up to 2,200 m²), the Automower 550 (up to 5,000 m²), and the Automower 535 AWD (up to 3,500 m²). These Husqvarna robot mowers are intended for sports and golf courses, parks, and the like. The models differ in some features, which we will now go into more detail about.

All models are compatible with the Husqvarna Fleet Service. This makes it possible to monitor and control multiple robot mowers with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. For example, you can view the locations of multiple robot mowers as well as their settings, such as adjusting the cutting height.

In addition, the models have a commercial user interface. This means that a status LED display and a switch for starting and stopping are installed. This makes operation easier even for laypeople and minimizes the risk of vandalism. All other settings are made via smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Another special feature is the support for three guide wires to shorten the search time even in large installation areas or to divide them into several areas. The charging station is also equipped with a PARK button to easily call back the device.

Otherwise, the usual features of high-end Husqvarna models for upscale private use (X-Line) are standard. This includes theft protection and GPS navigation, weather timer, electronic height adjustment, ultra-silent wheel motors, Automower Connect, and much more.

The Automower 535 AWD, designed for 3,500 m² (like the Automower 430X AWD), is once again a special feature here. It combines the features of the Automower 430X AWD with those of the 5XX models. These include all-wheel drive, support for slopes up to 70 degrees, and a swiveling rear for improved maneuverability. Otherwise, it also offers nearly all the features we previously introduced with the Automower 520 and Automower 550 models.

The right accessories for Husqvarna robot mowers

The range of accessories for Husqvarna robot mowers is just as extensive as the variety of different models available. Husqvarna offers almost everything that the hearts of robot mower enthusiasts could desire.

Of course, there is no shortage of classic accessories. These include additional perimeter wire in various designs and lengths, as well as the hooks and cable connectors required for installation. For the initial installation, Husqvarna also offers an installation kit in various sizes with everything you need to get started, as these items are generally not included with the mowers themselves. For repairs, there is also a repair kit for the perimeter wire.

For temporary fencing of lawn areas, there is a flexible boundary kit that includes steel arches to protect areas in front of the mower. Naturally, there is also a garage for the robot mowers, as with almost all other manufacturers. And for winter storage, Husqvarna offers not only a wall bracket, but also a carrying case.

But there are also some unique accessories that are not available or are rare from other manufacturers. For example, Gardena also offers wheel brushes, and off-road wheels are not uncommon for some manufacturers. However, Husqvarna also has a special fairway kit that is suitable for mowing golf courses. This indicates that the Swedes think on a much larger scale than most other robot mower manufacturers.

And for those who want to, some non-lighted Automower models can even be equipped with additional LED lighting. And thanks to interchangeable covers, many models can be customized to match your preferences in colors like orange, white, or gray.

If you want to control your Automower 310 or 315, which only come equipped with Bluetooth, from further away via an app, you can upgrade with the Automower Connect module and increase the functionality for a one-time fee of around $349.

The accessory offerings are rounded out by obligatory replacement blades, a replacement battery, as well as a maintenance and cleaning kit and a care and shine spray for the regular maintenance and upkeep of Husqvarna robot mowers.

Conclusion on Husqvarna’s robot mowers

Husqvarna holds a special position among manufacturers of robot mowers. Especially the higher-priced models of the X-Line, as well as those designed for professional use, impress with a wide range of features, such as GPS navigation. The two all-wheel-drive models with a swiveling rear end also stand out from the crowd.

But even for smaller gardens and less investment-hungry buyers, the market-leading Swedes from Husqvarna have plenty to offer. While entry-level models may have fewer features than the top models, they can easily compete with those of the competition in most respects. While you may pay a few extra euros for a premium upgrade, you’ll get high-quality and sturdy robot mowers for long-term use in your gardens.

Quick overview of all Husqvarna robot mowers

Here are all the robot mowers from Husqvarna that we feature on this website – compare the different Automower models now.

best for small lawns Husqvarna Automower Aspire R4
2nd Place in Comparison Husqvarna Automower 105

1.926,99 $

incl. VAT
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