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Oasa R1: Comes with LiDAR-Navigation and Reel-Mower System

Oasa R1 Wire-Free Robot Mower with Reel-Mower SystemRecently, the Oasa R1 was introduced as the first robotic lawn mower equipped with a reel-mowing deck, similar to those found in traditional lawn mowers. This is intended to enhance the cutting edges of the grass blades compared to conventional robotic mowers, thus resulting in a more attractive lawn appearance. A Kickstarter campaign offering special deals for early adopters will be launched soon. Developed by the startup Oasa, founded in 2022, the R1 also incorporates LiDAR technology for navigation and obstacle detection.

Robotic lawn mowers without perimeter wire employing LiDAR technology are relatively rare. Currently, the only available model equipped with this navigation method is the EcoFlow Blade. However, the Blade supplements LiDAR with RTK navigation data, a feature omitted in the Oasa R1. The latter operates without the need for an RTK station and can be operational in just 15 minutes. Two other models employing LiDAR have been announced: the Dreame A1 and the Neomow X (Pro).

New Cutting System: Robot Lawn Mower with Reel-Mowing System

Innovative Reel-Mowing System in the Oasa R1 Robotic Lawn MowerThe novel cutting system employed in robot mowers has traditionally been associated with cylinder mowers. Blades mounted on a rotating roller cut the grass. Oasa promises smoother cutting edges on individual grass blades, resulting in an overall improvement in lawn appearance. Cleaning is intended to be facilitated through a flap mounted on the top of the robot mower.

Furthermore, the blades are automatically sharpened after each mowing session, eliminating the need for blade replacement. This would be a significant advantage over conventional robotic mowers. The R1 boasts a cutting width of 13 in (33.5 cm) and adjustable cutting heights ranging from 0.8-4 in (20 to 101 mm).

Who is the Oasa R1 Suitable For?

The Oasa R1 robot mower is suitable for gardens up to 0.4 ac (1,600 m²), with a single battery charge allowing it to cover up to 0.25 ac (1,000 m²). Since it operates without GPS signal, it is suitable for gardens where tall trees, walls, or overhangs would otherwise obstruct the signal. The R1 can handle slopes up to 45% (24°), a range typical for most gardens. With an IPX7 protection rating, unprecedented in robotic lawn mowers, the Oasa R1 can be safely cleaned with a garden hose.

The Oasa R1 can mow lawn edges inaccessible to other models, maintaining a mere 2 in (0,5 cm) distance from the edge. This is significantly closer than some comparable wire-free robotic mowers. Additionally, a feature allowing the mower to traverse boundaries where possible is also said to be included. In the new Navimow i series, this handy feature is called “RideOn,” ensuring no blade of grass is left standing at the edge. The Oasa robot mower is controlled via an app, which allows users to define paths between mowing areas and create mowing schedules.

Overview of the Oasa R1 Robot Lawn Mower

How Does Navigation and Obstacle Detection Work?

The Oasa R1 navigation does not require an RTK station, simplifying installation. Additionally, there is an auto-mapping feature that automatically detects lawn boundaries during initial setup and creates a virtual map of the environment. Including unboxing, the Oasa R1 can be ready for use in just 15 minutes. It is equipped with a binocular camera system similar to the Luba 2 or Yuka and supports LiDAR.

LiDAR technology, originating from the automotive industry, is relatively complex and costly, which is why it has seen limited use in the robotic lawn mower market. However, advancements are rapidly being made, and this highly precise navigation method is increasingly being incorporated into new models. It will be interesting to see how it compares in practice to current camera-based systems. The obstacle detection in the Oasa R1 is also said to be correspondingly advanced, although details are not yet available. Oasa aims to set new standards in safety and user-friendliness and has already received 19 patents, including 11 invention patents.

Conclusion on the Oasa R1: New Robot Lawn Mower with Exciting Innovations

The Oasa R1 is primarily intriguing due to its novel cylinder mowing deck for robot mowers. Additionally, the exclusive LiDAR navigation promises simplified installation. While prices have not been disclosed, deliveries are expected to commence in August 2024. Before that, there will be a Kickstarter campaign where customers can pre-order the Oasa robotic mower at a significant discount. An official unveiling event for the Oasa R1 is scheduled for May 31st at 6:00 PM (UTC+2).

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