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GPS Lawn Mower Robot

Husqvarna Automower 430X GPS Robot Lawn Mower If you’ve been researching robot mowers, you’ve likely come across the topic of GPS sooner or later. Most robot mowers on the market do not have a GPS module on board. This is largely because a GPS module is not necessary to reliably perform the mowing task.

A robot mower without GPS can mow just as well and reliably. So, why would you need a GPS lawn mower robot? We’ll explore this question shortly.

How do “regular” robot mowers (without GPS) work?

Robot mowers without GPS work based on random patterns and do not know at any given time which areas have already been mowed and which have not. Most models use a perimeter wire to define the mowing area in which they move in a “chaotic” manner. However, there are also robot mowers without perimeter wire that can detect the lawn area using sensors.

This means that it is possible for some areas to be mowed multiple times before others are mowed for the first time. This can significantly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of the mowing process.

Bosch attempts to address this issue with the Indego models, in part, with the LogiCut method. With a GPS robotic lawn mower, this problem is addressed by improving the efficiency of the mowing process, as the model remembers where it has recently mowed.

GPS robot mower in 2024 compared:

The following robot mowers have GPS-based navigation:

Our recommendation: Robot mowers without GPS as an alternative

Robot mowers with GPS are still rare on the market and mostly belong to the high-priced models. Therefore, for typical applications, we recommend a conventional robot mower without GPS, such as those from Bosch, Gardena, or Worx. The following model is currently among the bestsellers:

Price-performance winner Worx Landroid S (WR165)

699,99 $

incl. VAT
More InfosCheck Offer*

The advantages of GPS Lawn Mower Robot

Recently, GPS Lawn Mower Robot navigation has been available on the market. We are currently aware of only a few Husqvarna Automower models that have GPS receivers on board. However, the models from Stihl also have a GPS receiver on board, but for theft protection purposes.

Through intelligent interaction with the GPS module, the robot mower recognizes which areas have not been mowed for a long time and need to be worked on.

In the case of the test winner for large areas, the Husqvarna Automower 430X, the GPS navigation module is installed, providing several advantages.

  • After recognizing the lawn pattern, the robot mower knows which areas have not been mowed for a long time and need to be mowed next.
  • This results in improved area performance, as areas are not mowed multiple times.
  • It also prevents excessive driving tracks.

Especially useful with Automower Connect

Robot Mower with GPS

For the Husqvarna Automower 420 and Husqvarna Automower 430X models, the Connect module is available as an optional add-on. For the Husqvarna Automower 310 and Husqvarna Automower 315 models, the module is also available from spring 2017 onwards (provided the model is from 2016 or newer).

Since 2016, you also receive a free SIM card with the module, with Husqvarna covering the costs for 2 years.

Afterward, you can continue the tariff or replace the Husqvarna SIM card with your SIM card with potentially cheaper rates. Data usage amounts to only 20-30 MB per month.

Important: The Automower Connect module is not directly related to the GPS module for GPS-assisted navigation. While the Connect module is available for the Automower 420, Automower 310, and Automower 315 models, GPS navigation is not possible with it.

The separately purchasable module can be installed by a local dealer.

Worx FindMyLandroid GPS module for retrofitting

Some robot mowers, such as the Worx Landroid models, can be protected from theft with an additional GPS module* – higher-end robotic lawn mowers often come with this feature already built-in. Unfortunately, no model with GPS is found in the current robot mower test.

» All robot mowers with GPS*

Automower Connect module: Control via app


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Testing robot mowers with GPS in practice


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