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Dreame Roboticmower A1: First LiDAR Lawn Robot Without Camera Available

Dreame A1 Wire-Free Robotic Mower with LiDARThe Dreame A1 stands out as the first lawn mowing robot to exclusively use LiDAR technology for navigation and obstacle detection. Dreametech, a subsidiary of Xiaomi, known previously for their vacuums and hair dryers, has now expanded into the robot vacuum and robotic mower market with the introduction of the Dreame A1. This particular model comes in a single version and is designed for lawns up to 21,500 square feet (2,000 m²). It operates without the need for a boundary wire. Setting it up is as simple as taking a single initial pass over the lawn area with the robot. The Dreame A1 was unveiled at IFA 2023 and, just six months later, it’s already available for purchase.

Unlike other current models that operate without a perimeter wire, the Dreame robot lawn mower doesn’t rely on GPS data via RTK technology or use camera visuals. Instead, it utilizes what Dreametech calls the “OmniSense 3D Ultra-Sensor System” for LiDAR navigation. While this technology has been seen in the EcoFlow Blade in combination with a camera, the Dreame A1 employs it solo. More models featuring this technology are on the way and expected by summer 2024, including the Oasa R1 and the Neomow X (Pro).

LiDAR Robotic Mower: Navigating with Precision Using Lasers

Dreame A1 with LiDAR obstacle detection

Modern Obstacle Detection Through LiDAR Technology

LiDAR navigation operates through laser beams to create a digital map of the surroundings, offering precision commonly seen in robot vacuums and the automotive industry. A LiDAR scanner continuously emits lasers, measuring distances to objects, providing a 360° horizontal field of view and up to a 230 ft (70 m) range. This allows the Dreame A1 a comprehensive and accurate perception of its environment. Data is processed using “3D point cloud data technology” by an AI, capable of reliably identifying up to eleven different object types.

A major advantage of LiDAR over camera technology is its independence from lighting conditions, ensuring more reliable operation. Additionally, it cannot detect colors, which means it doesn’t create recognizable images of people or faces, thus enhancing privacy. The lasers are too weak to pose any risk to humans or animals, adhering to specific standards for laser technology products.

Who is the Dreame A1 suitable for?

Dreame A1 Roboticmower with LiDARThe Dreame Mowing Robot is perfect for large yards up to 0.5 acres or 21,500 square feet (2,000 m²), boasting the ability to cover this area within 24 hours, depending on the mode selected and under ideal conditions. There’s no need for RTK stations or other antennas; setup is quick and easy through an app, with screen control also possible. Thanks to its IPX6 rating, it’s easily cleaned with a hose, though gentler cleaning methods are advised.

In the garden, the Dreame A1 can manage multiple mowing areas while avoiding predefined no-go zones. It offers adjustable cutting heights between 1.2 and 2.8 inches (3-7 cm) and a cutting width of 8.7 inches (22 cm). It also includes a dedicated mode for edge trimming – however, how close it can mow to the edges is not currently known. It’s likely, though, that it will perform better in this respect than models relying solely on camera technology, which typically leave a gap of about 4 to 6 inches from the edge.

Dreame A1 Roboticmower App

The Dreame A1 allows for multiple mowing areas and no-go zones.

According to Dreametech, the Dreame A1 is also suited for complex gardens. The precise distance measurement provided by LiDAR technology likely makes it well-suited for narrow passages less than three feet wide. It can handle inclines on the lawn up to a 45% gradient (24°). The Dreame A1 requires only 65 minutes to charge, though how long it can mow on a single charge has not been disclosed.

If lifted, the Dreame A1 will sound an alarm and send a notification to the app. The specifics of its theft protection aren’t detailed, but blade replacement is tool-free thanks to a quick-release mechanism. It automatically returns to its charging station when it starts to rain, resuming work afterward.

Dreame A1 Robotic Mower with LiDAR scanner

The LiDAR scanner of the Dreame A1 captures its surroundings using laser beams.

Conclusion: Pricing and Availability of the Dreame A1 Robot Lawn Mower

In conclusion, the Dreame A1 comes with standard accessories, and until April 18, customers will receive a free garage worth €199. Available now in Europe at various online retailers and home improvement stores, it’s priced at €1,999. A 4G module has been spotted, but not officially announced yet. The current availability of the Dreame A1 in the United States remains uncertain.

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