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Navimow Robotic Mower: Segway presents new Robot Lawn Mower

Navimow Robot Lawn MowerSegway is a well-known company, as it offers an innovative two-wheeled means of transportation under the same name. Now, the manufacturer is venturing into new territory with a robotic mower and tackling a well-known problem: the installation of the boundary wire. The company aims to establish a new generation of smart lawn mowers as an outsider that differs significantly from current models.

The Navimow is a new robotic lawn mower from Segway that, unlike most other models from well-known manufacturers, completely dispenses with the need for a boundary wire during installation. In this respect, it is somewhat reminiscent of the also innovative competitor Willow (formerly Toadi) or iRobot Terra t7.

However, the Navimow stands out significantly in terms of its appearance compared to the Toadi and Terra t7, and in its orange and black attire, it is more reminiscent of models from Worx. We take a closer look at the details and advantages of the various Navimow models. At the end of the article, we also cover a current Navimow review and show how it works in practice.

» Overview of Navimow models including accessories*

Robot mower without perimeter wire

The fact that the Navimow can operate without a perimeter wire is due to a technical innovation called EFLS (Exact Fusion Locating System). According to Segway, this is a type of fusion positioning technology, similar to what’s planned for the iRobot Terra t7. A positioning module is used for navigation and orientation, allowing the mower to use GPS to orient itself, similar to the high-end professional models from Husqvarna.

In the case of Navimow, the module on the mower communicates simultaneously with satellites and a GNSS antenna to form a stable triangular positioning system and precisely position the robot in the garden. “The core of this technology is the use of GPS satellite signals to achieve outdoor real-time kinematic positioning accurate to within two centimeters” explains George Ren, General Manager at Segway BU. If the GPS signal is temporarily unstable, various sensors built into the mower will help.

Unlike most robotic mowers, the Navimow mows systematically and in parallel tracks, instead of using a chaotic approach. Only Bosch robotic mowers use a similar mowing principle, according to Segway. This, according to the company, significantly improves mowing efficiency.

Smart control through the app

Navimow Robotic Mower from SegwayBefore the robotic mower gets to work for the first time, it needs to be guided through the garden using the app. The mower creates a virtual map in the app during this process. Thereafter, the app is not forgotten and is used for control, as with many other robot mowers. Among other things, zones and boundaries can be drawn on the virtual map that the mower should avoid during its work. The mowing progress can be tracked almost in real-time through the Navimow app.

Then, the Navimow robotic mower automatically and systematically gets to work. “Once the working area in the garden is determined, Navimow does not move around randomly but, thanks to its intelligent navigation algorithm, determines a systematic mowing path and follows it” Ren emphasizes. At 54 dB, it is pleasantly quiet and does not have to hide acoustically from its competitors, as according to Segway, it is the quietest lawn mowing robot on the market.

Navimow Smartphone AppAnother innovation of the Navimow is the “Frequent Soft Cut System” (FSCS). This ensures that the grass is cut from the top and the desired height is gradually reached, which is particularly gentle on the lawn. Corners and edges, where many other models often have problems, are easily mowed thanks to the offset blades. Obstacles are automatically detected and avoided with the ultrasonic sensor on the top of the device, similar to what the Worx models can do with the corresponding add-on.

In addition, the Navimow has the usual features found on many other robotic mowers, such as the Blade-Halt technology, which stops the blades immediately when the device is lifted, a rain sensor, and IPX6 water resistance. Thanks to this, the robot mower, like the Gardena robot mowers, can be conveniently cleaned with a garden hose. It can handle inclines of up to 45 percent. New is the feature that the blades or blade motor are also stopped immediately should people or animals (e.g. hedgehogs) come too close to the device.

Defining mowing areas or virtual zones

With the Navimow robotic mower, mowing areas can be defined completely freely without the need to lay a perimeter wire. Restricted zones, such as flower beds and wildflower meadows, can be easily selected via the app and bypassed by the Navimow, which is particularly interesting during changing vegetation phases. This way, you can easily do something for biodiversity and leave blooming meadows for butterflies, bees, and other insects in spring or summer. Mowing areas can also be changed or expanded at any time.

Navimow Robot Mower Control via App

Easily set mowing areas and restricted zones via the app

When setting up the mowing zones with the Navimow mower, the first step is done via a type of joystick. The Navimow is guided around the respective mowing areas in the app, and then restricted zones can be defined. In the final step, the passages that the Navimow robotic lawn mower is allowed to take to reach its mowing areas are determined. Unfortunately, only areas directly connected to each other and that can be reached by the Navimow on its own can be processed. A second charging station for separate areas is not currently planned by Segway.

Navimow robotic mower: starting from $1350 (RRP)

Technically, the Navimow by Segway has a lot to offer and also saves time by eliminating the need for cable laying. However, those who expect a high price like the around $3.300 Willow (or Toadi) robot mower will be surprised. Segway offers the Navimow starting from a surprisingly affordable $1.350/£1,050 (RRP).

For this price, you get the smallest of the four models with the model number H500E, which is designed for areas up to 500 m². While it is significantly pricier than the usual competitors from Gardena and Co for this lawn size, it also offers significantly more innovations.

For green areas up to 800 m², Segway offers the Navimow H800E for $1.650/£1,350 (RRP). The Navimow H1500E is suitable for areas up to 1,500 m² and costs $2.200/£1,750 (RRP). The top model, the Navimow H3000E, mows lawn areas up to 3,000 m². For this, the cost is still lower than the Willow, at $2.750/£2,200 (RRP).

Currently, the Navimow is still barely available, which is why actual prices are slightly higher than the RRP. Our long-standing partner’s shop already offers the Navimow – you can find the links in the table below.

The Segway Navimow is fully waterproof

Thanks to its IPX6 water resistance, the Navimow can withstand strong splashing water.

Here are the differences between the models

In addition to the differences in mowing capacity mentioned above, there are other differences between the various versions, such as the battery capacity, which ranges from 5.2 to 10.4 Ah. The cutting width is always 210 mm and the adjustable cutting height is also always between 30 and 60 mm.

Another difference is connectivity. While the smallest H500E model has Wi-Fi, the three larger models are equipped with 4G/LTE. The cost of data is included in the purchase price for one year or three years for the largest model. Segway has not yet commented on follow-up costs. It is also not known if, as is customary with Worx or Husqvarna, there will be modules available for expansion with Wi-Fi. In the cheapest version, theft protection via GPS is also missing. The two larger models differ only in the color of the wheels, which are orange.

The largest model also comes standard with an ultrasonic sensor that is designed to detect obstacles and prevent collisions with objects, humans, and animals, including hedgehogs, which are particularly at risk with robotic mowers. It is important to note that the ultrasonic sensor can also be retrofitted to the smaller models, which we strongly recommend for safety reasons.

In the future, automatic lawn recognition via video will also be implemented. Segway is already working on the development of Navimow 2, which is expected to be available in about two years.

Table: Comparison of Segway Navimow robotic mowers

Navimow H500ENavimow H800ENavimow H1500ENavimow H3000E
Lawn Areaup to 5.400 ft²up to 8.600 ft²up to 16.100 ft²up to 32.300 ft²
Cutting Height30-60 mm30-60 mm30-60 mm30-60 mm
Cutting Width21 cm21 cm21 cm21 cm
Max. Slope45%45%45%45%
Noise Level54 db(A)54 db(A)54 db(A)54 db(A)
Battery Power5,2 Ah5,2 Ah7,8 Ah10,4 Ah
Max. Runtime120 min.120 min.180 min.240 min.
Virtual Zonesyesyesyesyes
Edge Cuttingyesyesyesyes
Ultrasonic Sensoroptionaloptionaloptionalyes
ConnectivityWi-Fi4G (1 year incl.)4G (1 year incl.)4G (3 years incl.)
App Controlyesyesyesyes
Theft protectionnoyesyesyes

» All Navimow models including accessories*

Accessories and Warranty for the Navimow Robotic Lawn Mower

In addition to an antenna extension kit for better GPS signal and an ultrasonic sensor for obstacle detection, the usual accessories are offered, such as replacement blades and a suitable garage for the robotic mower with an integrated charging station. A small fence can also be purchased for temporary establishment of exclusion zones. As for warranty coverage, Segway offers 2 years on the battery and 3 years on the housing of the robotic lawn mower, which we consider to be quite fair.

VisionFence – Camera with AI technology

navimow visionfence cameraOne special feature of the Navimow robotic mower is the VisionFence technology, which consists of a camera with artificial intelligence. It is designed to capture and evaluate the surroundings of the mower, enabling it to detect not only objects but also movements. The data is anonymized and evaluated via the Segway cloud, which constantly improves the navigation. Thus, the system learns from the data of all Navimow robotic mowers used.

The camera is expected to recognize the environment within a radius of 1.5 meters and objects with a diameter of at least 10 cm. This means that fixed objects on the lawn no longer have to be defined as restricted areas, as they will be automatically detected and circumvented. Other obstacles such as people or animals will be detected earlier. If there is any movement on the lawn, the mower will immediately stop mowing and navigate around the obstacle.

Navimow Robot Mower VisionFence Camera

Thanks to the motion detection of the VisionFence camera, the Navimow works even more safely.

A particular advantage is that gardens with poor GPS coverage can also be processed using the VisionFence module. Even if the satellite signal is lost, the navigation can continue and lawn edges can still be recognized.

Customers who purchased the Navimow early (before December 31, 2022) will receive the VisionFence module free of charge. However, this promotion is limited to the first 10,000 units. For such a retrofit, you simply need to contact your dealer, who should have registered your Navimow with the manufacturer. This promotion is even extended until May 31, 2023, for the larger model Navimow H3000E. Other Navimow customers can purchase the VisionFence camera sensor at a discounted price until the end of May.

» Get the Navimow VisionFence module now*

Where can you order the Navimow robotic mower?

Unfortunately, those who would like to buy the Navimow robotic mower will have to be patient with their order. Currently, there are hardly any shops where you can order the Navimow mower from Segway. Some models are already listed on the well-known online retailer Amazon, but with the addition of “currently unavailable.” We hope that this situation will change soon. In the table above, we will add corresponding links to reputable shops as soon as you can reliably order the Navimow there.

Update: Meanwhile, the availability of Navimow models has changed, and they are now available for purchase. We recommend the shop of our partner, whose links can be found in the table.

Navimow Review: Is there an official test for the Segway robotic mower?

Segway Navimow ReviewUnfortunately, there is currently no official review of the Navimow robotic mower from institutions such as German Stiftung Warentest. However, lawn mower professionals, such as Michael Häußler’s team, have already been able to take a closer look at and reviewed Segway’s all-rounder. In a survey conducted on the website, the Segway Navimow was named the leading lawn robot manufacturer for 2022, which is somewhat curious given Segway’s newcomer status in this segment. However, we can confirm the great interest in the Navimow robotic mower. However, an Instagram survey shows a different picture: here, Husqvarna is clearly ahead – Mr. Häußler, however, also focused on this manufacturer, which may have influenced the result in this regard.

Let’s come to the Navimow review: the Navimow H1500E model was compared with an Automower from Husqvarna, the current market leader in the field of robotic mowers. The Swedish manufacturer, which also includes Gardena, was founded in 1689 and already launched the first robotic lawn mower on the market in 1994 – a traditional company with a long history. The American manufacturer Segway was founded in 1999 and sold to the Chinese start-up Ninebot in 2015.

Planning and installation

The most significant differences are in the planning and installation of the two robotic mowers. The Navimow is primarily suitable for gardens where the lawn area has a clear view of the sky. Buildings, trees with dense canopies, or hedges can cause problems during commissioning, and Segway advises against using the Navimow robotic mower in such locations, which is related to the radio connection (GNSS signal). However, with the VisionFence module described above, gardens without these features are also suitable.

For which gardens is the Navimow (without VisionFence) suitable?

no or only small trees (few branches)

clear view of the sky – lawn not directly next to buildings, walls, or hedges

trees with many branches on or next to the lawn

buildings, walls on or next to the lawn area

dense hedges around or within the lawn area

In contrast, with Husqvarna Automower, narrow passages and bottlenecks should be avoided, unlike the Navimow. There are no potential issues with the radio connection here, as Automower models work with a perimeter wire that must first be laid in the garden. Unlike the Segway model, multiple lawn areas with different mowing settings are only possible to a limited extent with Automower.

Navimow virtual boundary wire

The Navimow robotic mower’s virtual perimeter wire is set up via smartphone app.

During installation of the Navimow robotic mower, in addition to the usual charging station, a GPS antenna must also be set up. The various mowing areas or virtual boundary lines must be set through a smartphone. The installation process for the Automower usually involves laying a perimeter wire, and a smartphone is typically not required. The EFLS technology (Exact Fusion Location System) used by Segway is only available in a similar form for some of Husqvarna’s large area professional robotic mowers.

The Navimow mows in straight lines, which saves time and energy compared to the commonly used random pattern. However, it requires signals from four satellites at the same time, which is why the aforementioned conditions are important. With the Navimow, Segway achieves an accuracy of 2 cm.

Cutting quality

There are no complaints about the cutting quality in the review. The Navimow’s linear mowing pattern can create a pattern in the lawn. However, the mowing systems of both manufacturers do not differ fundamentally in principle. Both use a rotary mower, which is also used in agriculture. The individual blades are attached to a disc and are pushed outward by the centrifugal forces of rotation, cutting the grass. The Navimow’s slightly offset cutting disc allows it to better handle lawn edges.

Navimow Robot Lawn Mower Review

The Segway Navimow’s cutting quality is impressive in the review.


In addition to the sensors described above, the Navimow has a very high level of safety features. The special blade-stop-function, in particular, can be particularly convincing in the Navimow review: as soon as something comes too close to the blades on the right side of the robotic mower, the motor stops immediately, and the Navimow moves in a different direction. This additional protection can be crucial for hedgehogs or children.

Navimow Robot Mower H1500E from below

The optional ultrasonic sensor replaces the device’s bumper sensor, allowing the Navimow robotic mower to detect obstacles early on. Installation is effortless and can be done in just a few steps. In reviews, the ultrasonic sensor worked reliably and without any problems. Obstacles are avoided without bumping into them.

Here’s an overview of the Navimow’s sensors:

  • Bumper sensor
  • Tilt sensor
  • Lift sensor
  • Ultrasonic sensor (optional on smaller models)
  • Alternatively to ultrasonic: VisionFence camera*
  • Blade-Stop

These features are only partially available on Automower models. Ultrasonic is only available on the 450X and professional models, while a blade stop is not installed.

Conclusion of the Navimow review

While there is currently no review available for the VisionFence module, the rest definitely impressed. For such a young manufacturer in the market, the Navimow robotic mower delivered an impressive performance. The cutting pattern is competitive without restrictions. The app and setup of the virtual mowing areas work smoothly and are very user-friendly. The additional ultrasonic sensor and especially the laterally mounted Blade-Stop-System provide a level of safety that is clearly above the current standard of technology offered by other manufacturers. The additional VisionFence camera system with AI technology will only enhance this point, making the Navimow clearly part of a new generation of robotic mowers.

When can you buy the Segway Navimow?

According to the manufacturer, the first Navimow models are already on their way and will soon be available for purchase. If you order by July 31st, you will automatically participate in the pilot user program and receive a free antenna extension set. So, if you’re looking for an innovative robotic mower and want to save yourself the hassle of laying down perimeter wire, you can look forward to the Segway Navimow, which will be available soon. However, if you want to play it safe, we definitely recommend sticking with proven models from Worx or Gardena.

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