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Dreame Roboticmower A1: First LiDAR Lawn Robot Without Camera Available

Dreame A1 Wire-Free Robotic Mower with LiDAR

The Dreame A1 stands out as the first lawn mowing robot to exclusively use LiDAR technology for navigation and obstacle detection. Dreametech, a subsidiary of Xiaomi, known previously for their vacuums and hair dryers, has now expanded into the robot vacuum and robotic mower market with the introduction of the Dreame A1. This particular model comes in a single version and is designed for lawns up to 21,500 square feet (2,000 m²). It operates without […]

Mowrator S1: Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Remote-Controlled Lawn Mower

Mowrator S1 robot lawn mower

Admittedly, the Mowrator S1 isn’t your typical lawn robot like you’re used to. It comes with a rather unconventional concept and is perfect for those who aren’t quite ready to fully entrust their lawn care to robotics. The Mowrator is controlled via a remote, reminiscent of model airplanes. It sports a traditional sickle cutting system commonly found in conventional lawnmowers. An optional fan kit is touted to better capture and mulch leaves with its suction. […]

Oasa R1: Comes with LiDAR-Navigation and Reel-Mower System

Oasa R1 Wire-Free Robot Mower with Reel-Mowing System

Recently, the Oasa R1 was introduced as the first robotic lawn mower equipped with a reel-mowing deck, similar to those found in traditional lawn mowers. This is intended to enhance the cutting edges of the grass blades compared to conventional robotic mowers, thus resulting in a more attractive lawn appearance. A Kickstarter campaign offering special deals for early adopters will be launched soon. Developed by the startup Oasa, founded in 2022, the R1 also incorporates […]

Ecovacs Goat GX-600: New Robotic Lawn Mower with AI Camera Available

Ecovacs Goat GX-600 Wireless Robotic Mower

Following the recent launch of two new versions of its popular Goat G1 series from 2023, Ecovacs has now made the Goat GX-600, presented at CES 2024, available. Ecovacs is shifting away from its previous reliance on UWB transmitter masts for navigation and is now fully embracing visual data with the GX-600. Manual installation is no longer necessary, as the mower’s AI camera autonomously recognizes lawn boundaries. Additionally, obstacles are reliably avoided through Ecovacs’ “AIVI […]

Airseekers Tron: Works Wire-Free And With Enhanced Mulching

Airseekers Tron AI Robot Mower Without Perimeter Wire

Soon to kick off is the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the Airseekers Tron robot lawn mower, set to officially launch in June 2024. The Tron operates wire-free and primarily relies on visual data from its six cameras. For gardens spanning around 0.25 ac (1000 m²), the manufacturer recommends an optional RTK system. In this configuration, the Airseekers Tron Max is suitable for areas up to 6000 m². The system isn’t necessary for smaller gardens, reducing […]

Mowzilla and Grassinator: Funny and Creative Names For Your Robot Lawn Mower

Robot Lawn Mower Names - cool and funny names for robot mowers

When considering the purchase of a robot lawn mower, numerous factors come into play, and manufacturers often inundate with technical jargon. After making the purchase and completing the initial setup, there’s immense joy among garden owners. Quickly, the new garden helper wins the hearts of its users and is humorously regarded as a new family member. Once the robotic mower has settled in, the search for a creative and amusing name typically begins. Therefore, in […]

Garden Robots: Autonomous All-Purpose Yard Robots About to Hit the Market

Prototype of the Verdie garden robot

While autonomous lawn mowers are becoming increasingly common and slowly transitioning into the standard in the realm of smart lawn care, more and more robots are appearing on the horizon that can do much more than just mow the lawn. The new class of garden robots can perform various tasks in and around the garden. But what initially seems like a concept with a lot of wishful thinking is not so far from reality. Some […]

Mammotion Yuka 3D Vision Robot Mower: Kickstarter Campaign Launched

Mammotion Yuka 3D Vision Robot Lawn Mower

The relatively young company Mammotion is setting a high pace in developing new models. Founded in Hong Kong in 2022, Mammotion introduced its first product line, Luba, in the middle of the same year. We’ve already put this model to the test in our Mammotion Luba review. Now, the successor, Luba 2, is available for pre-order, with deliveries expected to start in mid-February 2024. Additionally, the Kickstarter campaign for the recently unveiled Mammotion Yuka with Self-Emptying […]

Mammotion Luba Review: Our Experience with the RTK Robot Mower Luba AWD 3000 by Mammotion

Mammotion Luba Robot Mower Front

The Mammotion Luba, with its striking design reminiscent of a Formula 1 car, has been on the market since 2023 and falls into the category of RTK robot mowers. It operates without a perimeter wire, using GPS navigation for positioning. But how does it perform in practice? Is it recommendable? In our test, we’ll reveal whether it can truly be your new garden assistant. The Mammotion brand is new to the market. For this test, […]

Robot Mowers and Hedgehogs: How to Protect Them from Danger?

Robot Mowers and Hedgehogs

The issue of robot mowers and hedgehogs often ends tragically. When not used properly, robot lawn mowers pose a danger to hedgehogs, and fatal accidents and serious injuries are almost commonplace. Robotic mowers are increasingly being referred to as “hedgehog killers,” which we think is somewhat overly dramatic, since the responsibility still lies with their owners. However, animal welfare advocates rightly warn of the dangers and seek to educate people on how to protect hedgehogs. […]